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Winter 2020 Semester COVID Update

Winter 2020 Semester COVID Update

How is All Saints University, SVG addressing the Coronavirus situation? 

In the interest of protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, All Saints University has decided to transition all didactic in classroom teachings to an online platform utilizing Microsoft Teams and Skype to conduct lectures for the 3rd block of the courses.  The online teaching sessions will commence on Monday March 23rd 2020.   

How is All Saints University, SVG addressing the clinical and practicum experiences? 

UPDATE: Clinical clerkships have restarted contact the Clinical Coordinator for more information at

We recognize the importance of the practical sessions for certain courses and we understand that an online platform may not be ideal for some type of practical sessions.  However, during this time of emergency, modified online practical sessions is a viable alternative.  Each course director will work to ensure that students receive the best teachings and practice with the available resources.    

Clinical Observerships at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital will be cancelled for this semester.  Students who are in clinical clerkship rotations must discontinue their clinical rotations at their respective clinical site until further notice.  This is effective immediately as of Wednesday 18th, 2020.  No new clinical rotations will be scheduled for a one-month period.   Clinical Clerkship rotations will commence with the new semester, May 4th, 2020 tentatively.  Decisions may change depending on the situation regarding the status of the COVID-19 outbreak.   

How will classes that require labs and experiential learning be handled? 

Courses that have a laboratory component can have virtual laboratory sessions.  The Course directors will determine the best software programs available for the course they are teaching.    

What will happen to the final examinations? 

The administration is working towards determining the most feasible method of conducting the block 3 assessment for the online teaching of courses.   Students will be informed of the final decision at least 2 weeks before a scheduled date.  Students are reminded that the Attendance policy is still enforced for the online teaching sessions.  Students will need to maintain a cumulative 80% attendance to be cleared for the block 3 examinations.  

What will happen to the OSCE Examinations? 

Video OSCE:  Students will be asked to prepare a video OSCE Presentation that will be used to assess their clinical skills.  Students will be assessed based on their competencies of History taking skills and Physical examination of two (2) different examination competencies in active stations and at least one inactive online examination Students are asked to use their friends and family members as their standardized patients.  The length of the video should be approximately 12 minutes long.  Video will be submitted to the Course Director for grading.  Further instructions and guidance will be provided by your course director.  

What will happen to the scheduled NBME Examination? 

UPDATE: NBME examinations are now being conducted online. Contact the Registrar’s office for more information at

The scheduled NBME examination in April has been cancelled.   All Students in the current MD-5 semester as well as all other students who have completed their MD-5 semester and needs to sit for the Comprehensive NBME, are required to complete the Comprehensive NBME examination before the end of June 2020, in preparation for their clerkship rotations.   

How will a decision be made about commencement of in-class teaching? 

The decision about commencement of in classroom teaching will be based on the status of the Coronavirus infection within St. Vincent as well as the travel restrictions placed regionally and internationally.  More information on this will be provided in the forthcoming days. 

Are student activities being postponed? 

All Saints University, St. Vincent is recommending the suspension of all student related activities until further notice.  Students are advised to practice Social Distancing by avoiding crowded areas and standing at least 6 feet away from other persons during this period of global pandemic.   

Should l remain on the island of St. Vincent? 

The student can choose to remain in St. Vincent or return home with their families.   Students should also be aware that the risk of contracting the coronavirus increases with international travel.    

Will the library continue to be open? 

The library will be opened during working hours 9am – 5pm, Monday to Fridays. Students who are living within walking or driving distance can continue to use the facility.   However, it is advisable that students’ study at home and avoid the use of crowded public transportation to visit the campus for use of facilities.  

Will the campus buses still be working? 

With the transitioning of classes to an online platform, some students may wish to visit the campus for internet connectivity for online classes.   Students are asked to contact the Head of Transportation Services, Mr. Luis DeShong to request the services of the buses to and from campus, if needed.   

Will the Cafeteria be open? 

Effective Thursday 19th, March 2020, the cafeteria services will be closed to EVERYONE.   

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns? 

Students can contact the various persons and departments depending on their inquiry 

Student matters:  

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Chunilall –  

Student Coordinator, Mrs. Maloney – 

Senior Admin. Secretary, Mrs. Llewellyn –  

Immigration matters: 

Immigration Liaison, Mr. Malcolm –  

Student Records/grades/courses/registration: 

Registrar, Dr. Fernando – 

Asst. Registrar, Mr. DeShong – 

Clinical Matters: 

Clinical Dean, Dr. Suhail –

Clinical Coordinator, Ms. Singh –

Campus Transportation Services 

Head of Transportation Services, Mr. DeShong –  

Academic Advising – Course directors and Dean of Student Affairs (email above) 


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