All Saints University offers the following programs; the Five Year MD Degree Program (includes a Pre-Medical program) and the Four Year MD Degree Program.

An academic year at All Saints consists of 3 semesters. Semesters begin in January, May and September. Each semester is 4 months. Programs are conducted in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Clinical Clerkships are available at hospitals in various locations in the USA.


There are two program options for the Doctor of Medicine MD degree program. The 5 Year MD program (Premed, Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships) and the 4 Year MD Program (Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships).

The 5 Year program includes a premedical component for students who do not have the required prerequisite courses to begin the Basic Scenes component.

For students who have already achieved the prerequisites they may apply for the 4 Year program and begin the Basic Sciences component.




Transfer students may only be accepted upon evaluation by the admissions committee of all candidates’ applications and a determination of their eligibility for placement into the program.


All Saints University College of Medicine does not discriminate against any applicant and admissions are offered regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality, or disability.


Students may apply for a maximum Leave of Absence of two semesters during their degree program. This does not include the transition semester between MD5 and MD6 when students are preparing for exams and clerkship rotations. Extended Leave of Absences will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will only be granted under extra-ordinary circumstances, at the sole discretion of the University. Please note that inability to pay your tuition fees is not considered an approved reason for an Extended Leave of Absence. At the end of any approved Leave of Absence period, if a student does not resume their program, they will be automatically withdrawn from the University. If the student wishes to resume at the University after being withdrawn, they will be required to re-apply for re-entry/admission to the University. Students are required to be in good standing financially with the University in order to be able to apply for resumption or re-entry/admission.

Returning Student Guideline:

Undergraduate and Basic Science Students: Students should petition the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at least 2 weeks prior to the intended date of return for permission to return to study. Students must prove that the circumstances leading to the Leave of Absence has been addressed and they are ready to resume their studies without further interruptions. Once permission is granted by the Dean of Student Affairs, the Student MUST then contact the Officer of the Registrar to begin the resumption process.

Clinical Clerkship Students: Students should inform the Offices of the Dean of Student Affairs and the Dean of Clinical Affairs of their intent to resume their clinical rotations. Written notice should be provided to the Dean of Clinical Affairs no later than 6 weeks prior to the intended return date.

For more detailed information governing the Leave of Absence application process and procedures, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs.