Academic Programs Overview

All Saints University offers the following programs; Bachelors of Science (Life Sciences), the Five Year MD Degree Program (includes a Pre-Medical program), the Four Year MD Degree Program and a PhD in Life Sciences.

An academic year at All Saints consists of 3 semesters. Semesters begin in January, May and September. Each semester is 4 months. Programs are conducted in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Clinical Clerkships occur at teaching hospitals in various locations including the USA, Canada & the UK.

Choose Your Program


There are two program options for the Doctor of Medicine MD degree program. The 5 Year MD program (Premed, Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships) and the 4 Year MD Program (Basic Sciences and Clinical Clerkships).

The 5 Year program includes a premedical component for students who do not have the required prerequisite courses to begin the Basic Scenes component.

For students who have already achieved the prerequisites they may apply for the 4 Year program and begin the Basic Sciences component.



All Saints Univeristy College of Medicine offers a four year (8 semester) Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Life Sciences.


Applicants must possess a high school/secondary school diploma or certificate with credits in Mathematics or Calculus, English and Science subjects, including Chemistry and Biology.

Students completing the Life Science degree program may be eligible to transfer to the 4-Year and 5-Year Doctor of Medicine degree program upon successful completion of all the prerequisite courses.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) degree program may have the option of majoring in Microbiology or Laboratory Science.


All Saints Univeristy offers a 3 year Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Microbiology and Immunology or Medical Sciences.


Applicants must possess either a Master of Science degree (MSc) or Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD).

Applicants may be eligible for stipends and research grants to facilitate completion of the Ph.D. degree program.

Applicants may submit applications for admission and research proposals via email to: for the attention of the Research Committee at All Saints University, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


Students from recognized medical schools may be admitted as transfer students upon evaluation of their credentials. The admissions committee of All Saints University of Medicine will review all candidates’ applications before admission.


All Saints University College of Medicine grants admissions to qualified students regardless of color, age, race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or marital status. College of Technology and College of Arts and Sciences