All Saints University School of Medicine offers two types of programs; the Five Year MD Degree Program and the Four Year MD Degree Program


The 4-Year MD program can be completed in 3 years and 4 months. Admission into the 4-year program requires a Bachelor Degree or completion of at least two years of post secondary education, which must include successful completion of premedical admission requirements such as:
Biology – 90 semester hours
Chemistry – 90 semester hours
Physics – 90 semester hours
and one year of Mathematics or Calculus, English and Humanities or Liberal Arts.

The 4-year MD degree program comprises 5 semesters of instruction in Basic Medical Sciences in Dominica followed by 72 weeks of clinical clerkships.

The five year MD program is designed for high school graduates intending to obtain a MD Degree. This program includes 4 semesters of premedical courses, including those listed above. Upon successful completion of 4 semesters of premedical courses, students are automatically allowed to complete the Basic Medical Science (preclinical) portion of the degree program with their counterparts in the 4-Year MD degree program.