What are you waiting for?

Going to Medical School can be overwhelming. If you’ve been putting your ambitions on hold, it’s time to stop waiting. All you need is the right educational path—and people who believe in you—to help you realize your dream of becoming a great physician. For a growing number of serious students, that path begins at All Saints University.

The Application Process

Application forms are available online electronically or can be downloaded for mailing. Once the Registrar receives and reviews your application and application fee, you will be sent a verification email with further instructions. The application fee is US$100. To ensure that you receive our emails, please make sure that you add the allsaintsu.org domain name to your address book or contact list, or else check your bulk folders periodically. If your mailbox does not have an address book or contact list, please contact your Internet Service Provider’s tech support and ask how they can make sure email from our domain makes it to your mailbox. Also, remember to check for clutter in your mailbox periodically to make sure it does not become full and starts rejecting new messages. Once all additional documentation has been received, your application package will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for consideration.

Check the submittal section for a list of other documentation that may be required to be sent along with your application. Depending on your application, an interview may or may not be scheduled. If you are sent a preliminary letter of admission through email, you must reply as promptly as possible to either accept or decline the admission. A hard copy will be sent through regular mail as well. Deferrals are determined on a case-by-case basis, and are accepted for a maximum of two semesters, after which time you may have to reapply. The Admissions Committee considers equally students with backgrounds in the basic sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts. Transfer students are accepted from other accredited universities. Students will be admitted into the program or semester which best fits their academic credentials.

MCAT scores are strongly recommended, although not required at present, and are considered as part of the overall application. However, they do not outweigh other components of the application.

The Admissions Committee seeks applicants who adhere to a high level of personal integrity. “All Saints University grants admission to qualified students regardless of color, age, race, nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, or marital status”.