Alumni Association

About Us

The Alumni Association at All Saints University SVG is a formal network to connect graduates of the University who are now practicing medicine all across the globe.   


To provide our graduates with an avenue that fosters lifelong connections with the University, fellow alumni and students and to facilitate a network that highlights their accomplishments, provide updates and allows them to celebrate and contribute to the progress of their alma mater.  


Purpose of the Association

The Alumni Association is for the alumni of All Saints University SVG.  It welcomes all alumni of the institution who wish to be a part of the association.  We celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow alumni, provide updates about the progress of the University and share opportunities that may be beneficial to our students and alumni.  We share our experiences in our respective professional fields and all the wonderful life changing adventures that continues to shape us.  We also serve to connect with the students of the institution and lend our support in shaping their path.     

Upcoming Meeting Notice

Session 1:  

Date: Thursday June 3rd 2021
Time: 7:00 PM EST
(This is at 7PM in Toronto, 7PM in Kingstown, 6PM in Chicago, 12AM in Abuja, and 2AM in Doha)

Session 2:

Date: Friday June 4th 2021
Time: 3:00 PM EST
(This is at 3PM in Toronto, 3PM in Kingstown, 2PM in Chicago, 8PM in Abuja, and 10PM in Doha)


Contact Dr. Dawn David for more details

Peer Support

Alumni Mentor Program

The goal of the ASU SVG Alumni Mentorship Program is to provide current students with guidance and resources from an alumni perspective that not only enriches their learning experience but sets them on a trajectory for success.

AMP Executives

Dr. Dawn David

Dr. Botlhale Galase

Dr. Edwin Okon

Dr. Shola