Canada Student Loan Program 

All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica has been approved for Canada Student Loans Program. Our Institution Code (EI code) is ZUCT. Canadian students can avail themselves of this loan program by applying to Student Aid BC, Student Aid Alberta etc. For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office at

Canadian students may also be able to fund their education at All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica by applying to any of the Banks listed below for Student Line of Credit. In some instances, the Institution code listed above and a cosigner may be required during the application process. 

List of Banks in Canada 
The following banks offer Student Line of Credit to All Saints University School of Medicine, Dominica students 
Royal Bank of Canada 
National Bank 
TD Canada Trust
For additional information please contact the Financial Aid office at 1.866.602.9555.

  1. Up to 50% of total tuition costs for eligible applicants.
  2. Food, lodging, and transportation support of up to USD $1500 per semester for the entirety of the program for qualified and indigent applicants.
  3. Up to 5 merit clinical tuition scholarships per semester for students with outstanding performance in the finals of all Basic Medical Science Examinations.
  4.  Automatic 50% tuition fee scholarships for qualified citizens of Dominica.
  5.  Credit-based loans and student line of credits from various financial institutions and banks in the United States and Canada. 

Applicants for scholarships or financial aid must submit their applications with all supporting documents to the scholarship committee at the time of commencement of their MD degree program at All Saints University, Dominica. 

The application and all supporting documents may be submitted to