To educate and train compassionate, competent and responsible Medical professionals capable of adapting to the multifaceted dynamic Global Healthcare Community and positively impacting change at a local, regional and international platform.


  • To lay a sturdy foundation in Medical Sciences principles that serve as the building blocks for students to integrate Basic Sciences knowledge with Clinical Medicine and apply those skills and knowledge in the clinical setting.
  • To train future physicians to develop a patient-oriented approach towards healthcare management of their patients.
  • To produce physicians that are competent in their Medical knowledge, clinical acumen and compassionate in their care towards members of society.
  • To foster an environment that supports innovative thinking, research exploration and diversification of the sciences.


The Honor Code is the individual and collective responsibilities of students to work together in order to ensure that honorable conduct is maintained.


Competence – demonstrating proficiency and skills that are applicable to the profession.
Professionalism – maintaining high standards and good work ethics throughout your practice as a physician
Compassion – demonstrating empathy and care for others
Integrity – maintaining the honor code during your service to others.
Respect – demonstrating good manners and showing thought and consideration of other’s views and beliefs.
Humility – remaining humble and modest in your service to others.