NBME Exam​​

The CBSE and CCSE Examinations must be completed by all students regardless of the pathway of residency or country of employment they wish to pursue. The CBSE and CCSE NBMEs are required exams by ASUSVG for advancement in the program as well as graduation.

Students will not be promoted from the Basic Medical Science phase (pre-clinical) into the Clinical Sciences phase without successful completion of ALL basic science courses and competency assessments including the CBSE NBME and OSPE and achieving the acceptable passing grade.

  • Effective March 18th, 2020 all students who are in the current MD 5 semester and all students who have completed their MD5 but have yet to complete their Comprehensive NBME MUST complete the Comprehensive NBME Exam by June 2020 in preparation to start their clerkship program the following semester.
  • Effective May 2020 all ASU SVG students are required to complete the ASU NBME request form to sign up. If you are looking to complete the exam at the campus test centre specify that on your request form.
  • Effective September 1st 2020, all students MUST obtain a passing score of 200 on the CBSE NBME to be eligible to enter the Clinical Clerkship phase of the MD program.


All ASU SVG students who wish to take the NBME CBSE or CCSE must first complete the university request form which is located in the ASU SVG student portal. Students must complete the form and be cleared by the Registrar’s Office to be added to the examination list. 

Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information. Email registrar@allsaintsu.org

For information regarding NBME examination eligibility please refer to the Student Handbook which is located on the student portal.

Transition semester  (TRS) – Basic Sciences to Clinical Clerkship

The transition semester is a one-semester period from the end of MD-5 to the beginning of CR-1.  This is an interim semester that the students use to complete any outstanding course work, the Comprehensive NBME,  update their Immunization status and finalize any documentation necessary for the next phase of the program.  Ideally, all students should complete their NBME at the end of the MD5 semester.   Students who fail their NBME during their transitional semester and requires one or more additional semester in the preparation for the Clinical Phase must apply for a Leave of Absence from the Office of Student Affairs, stating clearly the reason and providing supporting documentation.  During this time, students are required to be enrolled in an acceptable preparation review course and do monthly NBME practice exams at their own expense.   Students are allowed a maximum of 3 semesters off, inclusive of the transition semester.    A student with more than three (3) failed attempts at the Comprehensive NBME will be recommended for an alternative degree program or dismissal from the Medical Degree program.  

NB:  Students must complete their Doctor of Medicine Degree program in a maximum of 6 years or 150% of the scheduled program time.   As such students should avoid spending more than 3 semesters away from the program

NBME Dates are listed in the student portal under the Registrar’s tab.