Our faculty members are fully qualified and of very high caliber. MD Basic science professors possess either an MD degree or a PhD. Classrooms are equipped with high tech educational equipment, in order to fully facilitate the professors in providing an exceptional standard of teaching. 


The Library supports teaching and learning at the University by providing easily accessible informational resources and services. Individual cubicle study areas are provided inside the library and are designated as “Quiet Study” spots, away from the ‘Group Study’ hall. Computers are provided for academic use.

Anatomy Lab

Human Gross Anatomy is fundamental to medical education and provides one of the most basic foundations for medical practice. Cadavers are available for dissection at the University in the Anatomy Lab. Laboratory sessions provide students with hands-on experience in dissecting the human body and serve to strengthen the lecture component.

Histo/Path Labs

Histo/path labs are also well equipped with hi tech equipment, models, microscopes and histology slides.Security is available on campus for student safety. Free Wireless internet access is available throughout the campus for students.