Classrooms & Labs
The Classrooms are well equipped with state of the art facilities to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.  The laboratories include a well-equipped histopathology laboratory, physiology / biochemistry laboratory and an anatomy dissection laboratory capable of accommodating 40 students at a time.

The Library supports teaching and learning and it contains tens of thousands of easily accessible journal articles, medical texts, research and instructional materials and computers. Individual cubicle study areas are also provided inside the library and are designated as “Quiet Study Area”, away from the “Group Study Hall”.

The modern on-campus cafeteria provides a variety of food and refreshment options. There is a lounge area and gym room for students to relax or work out.

There is round-the-clock security on campus to ensure safety of students and other members of the University.

All Saints also has its own bus service for students at a lesser cost than public transportation. Interested students are transported directly from residence to campus and back.

Houses, apartments and rooms belonging to the local community are available for rent to students. The housing coordinator of the school makes all necessary arrangements to accommodate students upon their arrival in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.