Applying As A Transfer Student​​

Transferring to All Saints University, College of Medicine, St. Vincent and the Grenadines


All Saints University, College of Medicine, St Vincent and the Grenadines will only accept transferred course credits from Accredited Medical Schools that are listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools (www. Medicine related courses completed outside of a Medical degree program at a College or University cannot be substituted for Medical School credits. The admissions committee of All Saints University School of Medicine will review all candidates’ applications and supporting documents on a case-by-case basis.

Students transferring into the clerkship program MUST complete all CORE rotations at All Saints University St. Vincent as part of their graduation requirement before they are issued their Medical Diploma. In addition, no student will be considered for transfer into the program for the last 30 weeks of their clinical rotations.

  • Any student who transfers into the program must satisfy the graduation criteria of All Saints University.
  • Transfer students are expected to complete their medical degree within the maximum 6-year period regardless of where they would have started their program.   The maximum 6-year period is for the total time spent in medical education.

In addition to the above the following is required:

  • To transfer into the Clinical Clerkship phase transfer students will be required to have an NBME CBSE score of 200.
  • Students who do not have a NBME score meeting the minimum above but which to transfer to ASU SVG will be required to write the NBME CBSE with ASU SVG before they are permitted to start rotations.
  • Exceptions will be considered only for those students who have completed a higher qualifying examination/licensing examination,  for example:  USMLE Step 1 will be accepted in place of the CBSE NBME and USMLE Step 2 will be accepted in place of CCSE NBME.

Original copies of transcripts of academic records from previous medical school(s), colleges or Universities must be submitted. These copies will be required later by the ECFMG before a student can appear for USMLE and when applying for residency match.

For details regarding transferring into the clinical program please review the Clinical Rotation Overview.


All Saints University College of Medicine will recognize and accept course credits for the Doctor of Medicine degree program courses that has been completed within a six (6) years period of their medical education time.   This time period does not include any approved Leave of Absence granted to students.  Persons who are re-applying after an extensive period of absence from the medical program, will have to retake courses that has been completed more than six years ago. For extenuating or special circumstances a petition to the Dean may be submitted for review. 



A student who wishes to transfer out of the institution is advised to first meet with the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her Academic Advisor to discuss the implications of his/her decision. The student must submit in writing notice of his/her intent at least one semester (4 months) prior to the date of withdrawal from the University, stating reasons for the transfer. Failure to comply means that the student will always be considered automatically enrolled in the program for the following semester and must meet all his or her financial and other obligations to the University. Notice of withdrawal from the program received in less than one semester to the time of withdrawal will deem student(s) to be indebted to the University for the following semester. Students with extenuating circumstances such as medical emergencies, death of immediate family members, and loss of sponsor can apply for withdrawal after the semester starts and provide documented proof for withdrawal so that they are not responsible for the next semester’s fees. These situations are assessed on a case by case basis.

For students transferring out of All Saints University, College of Medicine, St Vincent and the Grenadines, official transcripts of academic work completed at All Saints will not be released to the transfer school until the procedures for withdrawal have been completed and the student has paid all outstanding accounts due to the institution including any scholarship or bursaries granted during their program.