All Saints University Management and Faculty

All Saints faculty is comprised of experienced and committed professors who are not only extremely knowledgeable, but possess excellent teaching skills as well. All Saint’s faculty members take pride in providing quality education to their students, and in being easily accessible and accommodating.

All Basic Sciences professors are highly qualified and possess a minimum of either an MD, PhD or both.


  • Dr. E. Elzawi, MD FRCPC ABIM, Chairman
  • Dr. Akindele Odeshi, PhD (Chemnitz), P.Eng. (Saskatchewan)
  • Dr. Charles Woods, MD
  • Reddy Subash, MD


  • Mr. Richmond Paulpillai, Chancellor
  • Dr. Joshua Yusuf, President
  • Dr. Avonelle Bruney, Director of Internal Affairs
  • Dr. Terrence Marcelle, MD MBA JD, Executive Dean
  • Dr. Wisam Al-Hafidh, MBChB, FRCS, Dean of Basic Sciences
  • Dr. Florin Buhas, MD, Registrar (Academic)
  • Dr. Joshua Owolabi, BSc. MSc. (Ife), PhD (Vancouver), Professor and Chair, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Mr. John Michael, CGA CPA, Financial Controller


  • Dr. Terrence Marcelle MD MBA JD (Florida), Executive Dean
  • Melecia Llewellyn, Administrative Secretary I
  • Ariel Walker, Secretary to the Dean


  • Dr. Florin Buhas, MD (Oradea), Registrar (Academics)
  • Kelvin Malcolm, Assistant Registrar (Administration)
  • Dipti Sharma, B. Pharm. (Jalandhar), Assistant Registrar (Clinical Affairs)
  • Anastasia Y. Rykova, BA (Toronto), Assistant Registrar (Administration)
  • Raida Toma, Registrar’s Assistant
  • Deanna Gallant, Receptionist


  • John Michael Yeboah, CGA CPA, Financial Controller
  • Stephen Mariathasan, MBA, Accountant
  • Erika Romo, Accounts Clerk


  • Clydella Huggins, BA (Waterloo), University Librarian
  • Aneka Neptune, Assistant Librarian
  • Makailah Joseph, Assistant Librarian


Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal, MBBS (Madras), MS (Madras), MSc (Edinburgh), Professor and Chair
Dr. Wisam Al-Hafidh, MBChB (Mosul) FRCS (Glasgow), Professor
Dr. Chidambra Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (Oxford), Assistant Professor
Dr. Rakesh Gami, MBBS (Nepal), Assistant Professor

Dr. Esther Akingbade, PhD (Ibadan), Professor and Chair
Dr. Angelika Ivasenko, MD PhD (Lugansk), Professor (visiting)
Dr. Mary Thiruselvam, MBBS (Jaffna) MSc. (Leicester), Assistant Professor
Dr. Shirish Pearly Singh, MBBS (Madhya Pradesh), Assistant Professor

Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Dr. Dmitri Tonkopi, MD PhD MSc. (St. Petersburg), Professor and Chair
Dr. Olugbenga Morebise, PhD (Ibadan), Professor (visiting)
Dr. Inna Shypilova, MD PhD (Lugansk), Associate Professor
Dr. Nikhilesh Anand, MBBS (Bangalore) MD (Mangalore), Associate Professor (visiting)

Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Jozelle Miller, PhD (Birmingham), Associate Professor and Chair
Dr. Terrence Marcelle, MD, MBA, JD (Florida), Professor
Dr. Dennis Navidad, MD (Cebu), Associate Professor (visiting)
Dr. Kevin Browne, MD (Grenada), Assistant Professor

Pathology and Microbiology
Dr. Joshua Owolabi, BSc. MSc. (Ife), PhD (Vancouver), Professor and Chair, Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Zahangir Boksh, MBBS MPhil (Dhaka) PGDipl. (New York), Professor
Dr. Saxena Ritcha, MBBS, MD (Meerut), Professor (visiting)
Dr. Adediji Okikiade, MBBS (Lagos), Assistant Professor
Dr. Moheem Halari, MBBS (Maharashtra), MSc. (London), Assistant Professor (visiting)

Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis
Dr. Reisha Browne-Caesar, MD (UWI), FACN, Professor and Chair
Dr. Charles Woods, MD, Professor

Dr. Thomas Thomas, MD (Dominica), Instructor (Anatomy)
Dr. Elizabeth Oyesomi, MD (Dominica), Instructor (Physiology)
Elvis Daniel, BSc. (UWI), MPhil (UWI), Instructor (Mathematics)
Roxanne Foster, BSc. (UWI) MA (Warwick), Instructor (Sociology)


  • Dr. Curvin Ferreira, MD, Dean of Clinical Affairs (Academic)
  • Dr. Reisha Browne Caesar, MD, Dean of Clinical Affairs (Administration)
  • Dr. Chidambra Halari, MD M.Sc., Assistant Dean (Clinical Affairs)
  • Dr. S. Suhail, MD, Associate Dean, IL, USA)


  • President, Student Government – Joshua-Daniel Enemchukwu
  • Secretary, Student Government – Wilson Halder
  • President, The AMSA – Enemchukwu Benjamin Chinedu
  • Secretary, The AMSA – Nelson Favour